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At Canon Virginia, we truly believe that our products are only as good as the people we employ. That’s why we seek and actively recruit many of the best and the brightest to help refine today's technologies, help create new solutions for future applications, and collaborate with customers to provide manufacturing solutions.

Canon Virginia, Inc. located in Newport News, Virginia is a global manufacturer for Canon's office and consumer products. 

Canon Environmental Technologies, Inc. (CETI) located in Gloucester, Virginia supports the cartridge recycling program in North America. 

Canon Virginia hires a wide variety of candidates to support our manufacturing and recycling operations. We recruit highly skilled individuals to fill administrative positions and more technical positions, such as engineering , preventative maintenance, and research and development. 

Potential Careers with Canon:



Business Development/Sales

Camera Repair



Preventative Maintenance

Process Operator

Research and Development


To learn more about our current open positions,  click here to be redirected to our Job Opportunities page.