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Message from the President

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Canon Virginia, Inc.

Beginning in 1986 with a single copier production line, CVI has expanded its manufacturing to a diverse array of Canon product lines and has excelled as a partner with other companies to solve their manufacturing and technical challenges. CVI has evolved from a purely manufacturing factory to a tech-driven business. CVI is a leader in advanced R&D capabilities and the development of cutting-edge imaging technology, which it has applied in various industries, including medical, aerospace and agriculture.

CVI is an advanced manufacturing company that collaborates with our customers, offering to them our deep expertise, commitment and engineering creativity with the goal of applying technology to solve problems. Both our own products and our customers benefit from our manufacturing excellence and our commitment to rigorous quality standards at every stage.

I am proud of the company that CVI is today but we are not finished on our road of continuous improvement, growth and new discoveries. We will continue to challenge ourselves and reach for new levels of excellence that will serve our customers, employees and community beyond expectations.

Canon Virginia is deeply committed to its corporate philosophy of Kyosei, which means, “living and working together for the common good.” Kyosei guides all our business practices, our relations with the community we work in, and the environment around us.

At Canon Virginia, we are excited about the future and our ability to offer innovative, high quality manufacturing solutions tailored to meet our customers' needs.