In the spirit of our corporate philosophy of Kyosei , Canon takes an approach to business that is socially responsible and economically logical. Canon seeks to be a truly excellent global corporation. For our customers, we strive to offer some of the best products possible. Simultaneously, we aim to strengthen our relationships with local communities and to increase our respect for the environment as we contribute to the prosperity of the world and the happiness of its people.

Our company's commitment and contribution to the environment and to the world community are an integral part of Canon's management structure, product design, manufacturing, and corporate culture. This commitment has inspired many special corporate programs at both the global and regional level.

CVI's Commitment to the Environment

Canon Virginia, Inc. (CVI) and its subsidiary are committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our members and the community. Our members incorporate the company's Quality and Environmental Stewardship commitment in their daily activities. As a result of our philosophy of Kyosei, ("Living and working together for the common good"), we work to prevent pollution, injury and ill health, and comply with legal and other requirements and corporate environmental, health and safety policies, and strive for continuous improvement through setting and reviewing environmental, health and safety objectives and targets.  Throughout the product lifecycle, CVI maximizes Reuse, Recovery, and Recycling; minimizes exposure to human health and the environment (zero landfill); and strives to ensure safe management of materials throughout the recycling chain. 

            Canon Virginia, Inc. Quality and Environmental Statements

Zero Landfill Waste Policy

Canon has a long and unwavering tradition of protecting and preserving the world we share. That is why, as a company, in 2001 Canon announced a zero landfill waste campaign with a goal of recycling or reusing all waste generated from operational sites is recycled. In order for zero landfill waste to be achieved, not even a small amount of residue after intermediate processing can be sent to a landfill. In December 2005, all 17 manufacturing sites outside of Japan achieved this goal.  In keeping with our corporate philosophy of Kyosei, Canon Virginia, Inc. understands the impact waste can have on the environment and offers cartridge recycling expertise.

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard provides organizations with a framework for developing an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). Canon's EMS is based on the Canon Americas Environmental Charter. We continue to validate and improve our EMS by conducting internal and external audits. Canon Virginia Inc. has been certified to ISO 14001 since September 1996.

Environmental Ambassadors Program

Canon Environmental Ambassadors is a program open to all CVI & CETI members who want to help protect and sustain our environment - at work, at home, and throughout our community.  The Environmental Ambassadors program was created to promote member involvement in environmental activities as well as bring attention to the environmental issues and solutions now being addressed by CVI and CETI.  The program is based on three core values: awareness, education, and sustainability; our Environmental Ambassadors will help lead the way in promoting Canon's spirit of Kyosei through environmental stewardship.  

Environmental White Papers

At Canon Virginia, we strive to exceed environmental requirements and be a regional leader in developing new processes that reduce our environmental footprint. Below are two examples of how we have implemented processes that have proven positive results.